First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

When I got my Apple Watch, I wouldn’t wear it until I bought a screen protector for it. I knew that the risks were too great with my active lifestyle to not protect the glass. Last weekend I dropped my watch face down on the kitchen floor. I felt this wave of relief because I knew I made the right choice when I “protected” the watch face. Well, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Not only did the screen protector shatter, so did the watch face.

When we do everything we can to protect our things, our kids, and ourselves, we aren’t guaranteed that these measures always will work. That being said, we must be vigilant to do whatever we can to make sure we did our best to have a good outcome.

Why in the world do some parents and grandparents continue to take ZERO precautions or not take all measures to protect their most treasured gifts? Your children and grandchildren should be treated better than an Apple Watch.

When you allow your little ones to drive a golf cart while sitting in your lap or beside you, if you drive your golf cart while HOLDING a baby in your arms, or even if you’re a passenger holding a baby, are you doing the most you can to protect them? We respond to golf cart accidents ALL the time. Please don’t learn the hard way that a car seat and seatbelts could have saved your child or grandchild.

I was able to replace my watch face. I bought extra insurance for that. You can’t replace your children and grandchildren, and all the insurance in the world can’t change that.

We are starting to get an influx of calls for non-emergent issues. We are here for you, but there is a fine line between emergency medical services and home health care. After many discussions with the Skidaway Island First Responders Board of Directors and our entire organization over the last few months, we decided this issue must be addressed.

When calling 912-355-6688, please keep in mind that if you call us for help getting from one room to another, from a chair to a bed or even the toilet to the couch, the Paramedic usually is the one to respond with us. If we get another call at the same time (happens more than you know) and it is for a life-threatening emergency and the life-saving equipment and personnel are not able to respond because they’re with you, it could be catastrophic.

We want to be there for everyone whenever you have an emergency. We love this community. All we ask is that you take into consideration what an emergency truly is.

Thank you for continuing to support the SIFR and for allowing us to serve this beautiful community.

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