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Overseeding TLA Athletic Fields, Dog Park and Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds

On Thursday, BrightView Landscapes performed the verticutting process (removes thatch buildup in the lawn so turf can breathe easy, better absorb nutrients, and soak in much-needed moisture) on the TLA Athletic Field, Dog Park and Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds in preparation for the overseeding on each field. During this process, the fields will be brown until the seed begins to germinate over the next 10-14 days. Signage will be displayed at each field and communications will be sent via e-bulletin to notify the community of this work and field closures. Additionally, BrightView will run the irrigation systems at each field during the day from 10:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. to allow the seed to germinate and optimize the growth of the new turf. All work is included within the Association’s annual landscape contract.

Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection

In-house staff, in conjunction with our service provider, Pye Barker, completed the annual testing and inspection of all fire extinguishers located in TLA-owned facilities, vehicles and heavy equipment this week.On November 7, Pye Barker is scheduled to complete the annual fire alarm testing and inspection at The Administration Building and Marina facilities.This annual inspection is funded through the department’s operational budget.

Combination Water Bottle Re-Fill Station/Water Fountain Installation at TLA Admin Building

In an effort to eliminate plastic waste the Association generates during Board, Committee and other meetings, staff purchased a combination water bottle re-fill station for installation at the TLA Administration Building. All electrical work was completed ahead of the installation of the station by Consolidated Utilities on Thursday.  Thereafter, in-house crews completed various paint touch ups on the wall around the project area. The costs associated with this project were funded through the department’s operational budget. This initiative will eliminate the purchase of plastic water bottles.

Seasonal Center Island Clean-up

BrightView Landscapes is conducting their seasonal center island clean-up/debris collection. Over the next several weeks, debris piles will be strategically placed in areas throughout the community and will be removed by the end of each work week.

Fat Friar’s Tree Removal

There is a large pine tree located in the small median at the entrance of Fat Friars Retreat. Over the last several years, this pine tree has been evaluated for removal by staff; however, removal was met with opposition by the majority of the residents residing on Fat Friars and we ultimately decided to allow the tree to remain.

Most recently, staff was contacted by several residents on the street who requested that we reevaluate the area to determine if the removal of the tree is appropriate. Additionally, the road cannot be repaved until the tree in question removed. The tree is causing root intrusions into the road which is uplifting and cracking the asphalt; therefore, keeping the tree would not be an effective use of Association funds knowing the damage it would cause to the new roadway.

A total of 11 property owners responded to staff’s e-mail correspondence and phone calls which resulted in a final vote of 9 to 2 in favor of removing the pine tree. Only one property owner did not respond. Staff is in the process of scheduling the removal of the tree this week and will contract Bennett Paving to patch the area thereafter. 

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