Monster Captured on Brandenberry Road

By Bill Campbell -
Construction Manager

Root intrusions live underneath our community’s roads and paths, many times going unnoticed for months or even years. These root intrusion monsters cause issues and significant damage to our most valuable community assets, including roads, community paths, and storm drains.

Recently, Bennett Paving, in conjunction with Public Works staff, captured and eliminated the largest root intrusion on record, along Brandenberry Road. This monster of a root intrusion weighed a whopping 250 pounds and was 14 feet long and 3 ½ feet wide. Although it had survived below the road and path for months and was very difficult to catch, staff and our contractor were able to remove successfully the infrastructure safety hazard.

The intrusion monster has been sent out for DNA testing to determine its species. However, we believe it is from the southern pine family.

If you happen to witness any monsters on our roads or path system, please call the Public Works Office (598-5509). You also can report the issue via SeeClickFix on the Association’s website ( or by using your TLA app.

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