On the Security Scene

Dog Bite Incident

On Tuesday, October 8, Security responded to The Landings Association office regarding an incident that occurred at the Dog Park. The resident stated she had been at the dog park earlier in the day when a dog ran up and bit her on the leg. There was a visible bruise on the area. Another resident witnessed the incident while she was in the small dog park with her pet. Security contacted the dog’s owner who did not believe her dog had bit anyone. CCPD and Animal Services were contacted at the time of the report and are following up on the incident.


On Thursday, October 3, Security received a report of theft from the Deer Creek Club. A guest of the Society of Seniors golf tournament reported that she had removed her wedding ring set to put on lotion and placed it on the vanity in the women’s restroom sometime between 10:30 and 11 a.m. on Wednesday, October 2. When she realized that she had forgotten to put her rings back on, she went back to retrieve them and discovered they were gone. Her husband notified an employee of Deer Creek at approximately noon, and staff searched the restroom with negative findings. The value of the wedding set is estimated at $15,000. CCPD was notified of the incident and is investigating.

Juvenile-Related Incident

Security was dispatched to the Tidewater area on Tuesday, October 8, for a report of juveniles ringing doorbells and running away. The officer patrolled the area and witnessed several individuals walking dogs in the area. None of the persons stated they had seen any juveniles in the surrounding area. The officer continued patrolling for several minutes with negative findings.

Security responded to an incident at the Village Station BP on Sunday, October 6. A Landings juvenile was attempting to pay for some candy, but an employee of the store had witnessed him putting additional items in his pockets. The young man apologized for the theft. BP Staff gave him the option to call his parents about the incident or have CCPD called. The boy’s parents responded to the store and spoke with the employee and their son about the incident before escorting him home.  BP Management chose not to pursue criminal charges for theft.

Near Miss Incident

On Wednesday, October 2, Security responded to a residence on Wickersham Drive regarding a near miss incident between a bicycle and a vehicle. Upon arrival, the resident informed the officer that her juvenile son had been riding his bicycle on Bartram Road and noticed a silver truck following close behind him. He initiated a hand signal to make a left turn, but the driver of the vehicle went around the boy almost striking him and causing him to fall off the bicycle. The resident’s son stated that he did not suffer from any injuries. He also advised that it appeared the driver, an older male, was on his phone. Unfortunately, the young man was not able to obtain a license plate number.

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