Suspension of Plastic and Cardboard Recycling Compactors Effective October 27

After months of discussion, research, and thoughtful consideration by The Landings Association’s staff and the R-3 Committee, the decision has been made to suspend the collection of plastic and cardboard recycling at the Recycling Center beginning October 27. 

As many of you know, the Recycling Center was designed and established to operate on a cost-neutral basis where the revenue earned from the plastic, mixed media paper, and cardboard recyclables would offset the costs associated with the compacter and haul-off expenses. Over the last five years, the net loss has ranged from $12,305 to as much as $43,864 per year.

When the mixed paper compactor was removed from the Recycling Center in 2018, the Association was hopeful that the recycling market would make a come-back; however, the market has continued to decline, and our expenses associated with the facility have continued to increase. 

Although the plastic and cardboard compactors will be removed from the Recycling Center, the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Boy Scout Aluminum Can collection sites still will be available for donation drop-offs.   Additionally, the Chatham County Resource Conservation Education Center on Eisenhower Drive continues to receive certain materials.  For more information on the items they collect, please visit their website (

Please stay tuned for additional communications on the suspension of the recycling compactors and opportunities for volunteer involvement with the R-3 Committee.

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