On the Security Scene

Juvenile-Related Incident

Security responded to a residence on Sorghum Lane for an assistance request on Sunday, September 29. The resident advised that his neighbors had discarded trash on his property after he had contacted TLA Security and CCPD for a noise complaint the previous evening. He knew it was his neighbors due to identifying information left on some of the trash. Following an unsuccessful attempt by Security to reach the neighboring owner, CCPD was contacted at the resident’s request and successfully reached the owner. CCPD discussed the incident and advised that all trash would need to be removed by the household. The owner complied with the CCPD officer.

Shortly after the incident, a resident on Morning Mist Lane requested assistance regarding verbal threats which had been made to him while he was in his yard watering plants. Security and CCPD responded, and the resident stated that a silver pick-up truck with four teenage males had yelled at him that they were going to kill him and began making obscene hand gestures at him. Officers remembered seeing the same vehicle previously located at the residence on Sorghum Lane.

Subsequently, one of the residents advised that the Sorghum property owner and her teenage son came to his home and apologized. Additional TLA follow-up with the owner will occur next week.

Vehicle Accidents

On Wednesday, September 25, Security responded to Wiley Bottom Road for a report of a hit-and-run accident. Upon arrival, officers spoke with an employee of Bennett Paving who advised that he noticed a man taking photos of the Bennett Paving vehicle. When the employee approached the gentleman, he stated that he had hit the vehicle before getting in his own car and driving away. There were no damages and Bennett Paving declined to file a report with CCPD. The man later stopped at the Main Gate and advised Security of the incident, stating that he was backing out of the driveway and his field of vision was blocked by the Bennett Paving truck and a trash truck in the road. His vehicle sustained minor damages to the bumper.

Boat vs. Boat Accident

Security responded to a boat vs. boat accident at Delegal Creek Marina on Sunday, September 29. Upon arrival, the involved parties already had left the area, but a witness informed Security that a boat had come in too fast and struck two other boats. He also advised that he had notified CCPD and CES. The owner of the boat arrived at the scene shortly after Security and stated that his daughter and her boyfriend had been using the boat. There were no damages to the boat or the fuel dock. The resident did not wish to speak with Security beyond providing his name and address so further details were provided only to CCPD. A check of the Avigilon video system showed the boat approaching the fuel dock at a faster than average speed. Despite the witness statement that two other boats had been struck, Security could find no evidence of any contact with other boats inside the basin.

Golf Cart Incident

On Sunday, September 29, a resident contacted Security about an incident which occurred on the community path in front of Plantation Club. The resident stated that she was driving a golf cart on the path when she approached two pedestrians from behind and slowed down. She advised that she called out to the residents to ask them to move over some so she could pass them. At that point, one of the pedestrians began yelling at her. Shortly after speaking with the resident about the incident, the second party contacted the Main Gate to report the incident as well. The gentleman provided a slightly different version of events and explained that his wife was upset about the golf cart driver not yielding to pedestrians. Security contacted the other resident regarding the concern and advised her to pass slowly by going in the grass to avoid future incidents.

Community Path and Golf Cart Safety Update

The sub-committee tasked with addressing the ongoing safety concerns on our community paths presented their recommendations to the Security Committee in September. As part of their recommendation, the sub-committee recommended some physical enhancements such as widening the path in specific areas, adding additional signage in high traffic areas, and striping the paths with a centerline and stop bars. The recommendations, including a pilot test, were presented to the Public Works Committee on October 2rd. The Public Works Committee recommended approval of the pilot test for improvements on Landings Way South, between Tidewater Way to Wiley Bottom Road. This recommendation will be presented to the Finance Committee and the Board during the October meetings.

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