Carefree Offers Trial Memberships

Courtesy of Carefree Boat Club

Carefree at The Landings is providing trial memberships for a limited number of qualified residents of The Landings for the next three months. The number one qualifier is a desire to learn how to drive a boat. For more details or to schedule a presentation, call Larry (937-477-1210) or Leo (912-661-0720).

Boats: not required, we own the boats, you use them as often as you wish – no limit.  

Experience is not necessary because we teach you what you need to know to safely take the helm.

Hassles not included: Cleaning, waxing, outfitting, slip rental, maintenance, repair, insurance, on water security, storage, bottom paint, boat payments, interest, depreciation, etc.

  • Boats at both harbors!
  • Walk on… Go Boating… Walk off… Go home.
  • Walk, ride, or cart it to your boats and home again – no hassles.

We call this a "Test the Waters’ campaign"; but it’s a lot more.

  • Get your GA Boater’s Certificate
  • Get training in navigation
  • Develop boating skills
  • Enjoy unlimited use as long as you want to continue, up to three months.
  • Decide to upgrade to Charter Plan, save an extra $1,000!

There are other courses that will be available to you including the following:

  • Tide Management and Current Control
  • GPS use for Cruise Planning
  • Managing a Course with Pre-Programmed GPS

You also will be invited to the social events that we offer all members.

  • October Fest
  • Tiki Sunday events each Sunday afternoon
  • End of Year Bash
  • Christmas Party
  • On-Water Fun events like a Poker Run
  • Cruise to Lunch at an On-Water restaurant
  • other fun events to use your skills handling the boats

This is fun, but it also is a serious effort on our part to allow you a chance to learn boating and see if boating is in your future for 2020. We think it could be, and we will help you make that decision!


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