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Mark your calendars for these upcoming Landlovers events

Now - January 2020
Flea Market Pre-Intake

Chair: Gail Tomassini (484-888-8336 or

December 10
Holiday Cocktail Party

Oakridge Club

Chairs: Kerry Ufford (401-529-5108 or
Margy Hatch (203-249-1469 or

2020 Events:
January 1 - March 20
Korn Ferry Pro Am Raffle

Chairs: Jack Welch (571-235-3714 or
Yvonne DuRoss (703-732-9278 or

January 23
Games Day

Plantation Club
Chair: Susan Danner (404-681-3888 or

February 6
Winter Social
Plantation Club at 6 p.m.
Chairs: Karen Duncan (973-809-5074 or
Gail Tomassini (484-888-8336 or

February 29 - March 2
Flea Market Intake

Chair: Rib Rubin (215-850-1707 or

March 7
Flea Market

Chair: Rib Rubin (215-850-1707 or

March 10

Plantation Club
Chairs: Chris Lanigan (912-210-4499 or
Maureen Mezei (401-545-0561 or

May 2
Garden Tour

Chair: Kate Kastner (912-999-6564 or

May 7
Awards Ceremony

Plantation Ballroom
Chair: John Ufford (603-520-6188 or

May 14
Closing Reception

Plantation Ballroom, 6:00 pm
Chairs: Karen Duncan (973-809-5074 or
Gail Tomassini (484-888-8336 or

Events open to all Landings residents include
The Opening Reception, Flea Market, Auctionmania, and Garden Tour.
Membership in Landlovers is required to attend all other events and activities.




President: Bonnie Kelly (303-249-2127 or

Vice President: John Ufford (603-520-6188 or

Secretary: Marian Mackle (404-290-9760 or

Treasurer: Jack Welch (571-235-3714 or

Assistant Treasurer: Beth Holmquist (248-420-3929 or


Communications & Publicity: Lynn Stephens  (912-228-5383 or or Pam Schepis (610-704-4455 or                                     

Development: Sue Burns (912-495-5387 or

Membership: Cec Calcaterra (803-309-5883 or

Activities: Connie Kulp (336-406-9722 or
Chris Lanigan (912-210-4499 or

Social Events: Kerry Ufford (912-349-3048 or or Margy Hatch (912-335-8818 or

Ways & Means Mary Schmidt (912-598-3002 or or Laurie Milano (914-474-4943 or                                 

Committee Chairs

Scholarship & Merit Awards: Maryce Cunningham (912-335-1717 or
Sunshine: Joni DiGiorgio (912-598-1646 or )
Website: Kenna Kinsey (912-598-8107 or
Portal Administrator: Liz Sampson (703-867-4797 or
Photographer: Lucy Monahan (912-349-5613 or


To find out more about Landlovers, visit our website (


Landlover's 2019-2020 Board



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