Community Marketing & Real Estate Update

By Raoul Rushin -
President, The Landings Company

Marketing The Landings' brand creates results… 

Raising awareness of The Landings outside the Savannah area on a total marketing budget of $1.2m is rather daunting. Many national brands can spend that in a day on media alone. The Company’s budget must cover media and collateral materials, photography of newly listed homes, significant expenses related to the flow of Discovery Guests, and much more.

Typically, I like to share charts like those below that show our substantially more effective results in getting home listings sold.

















Within that, I certainly like to share that the Company has performed well in a variety of ways:




















But what does it all really mean “on the ground”? These are the homes we’ve listed and have closed through August of 2019:













































We hope you’ll choose to list your home or homesite with the Company and refer your friends & family who now want to START LIVING at THE LANDINGS!

Let's help others to Start Living in 2019!








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