Security Update

By Tim Cook -
Security Director

We certainly were lucky with Hurricane Dorian skirting our coastline and causing minimal damage to our island. As with every critical incident, your security force once again stepped up and answered the call to service. Security personnel who stayed on the property included Sergeant Chad Bundy, Sergeant Latoya Johnson, Corporal Bobbi Biezenbos, Officer Connor Duquette, and Officer Sadatre Rogers. Security Office Manager Erica Kersey was here right up to the 39 MPH winds and returned immediately after the storm. My hat is off to all of them. Thank you! Staff members who returned immediately after the storm on Thursday were very much appreciated as well and included Sergeant Jill Waclawski, Officer Welkie White, Officer Kristy Kasper, Officer Brianna Groover, and Officer Katrice Hill.

I would be remiss in not mentioning Communications Manager Lynn Lewis who was behind the scenes sending out all the Swift911 alerts, emails, and Facebook updates to keep everyone informed about the storm and the Association’s activities. Unfortunately, space is limited, so I cannot name all those who contributed. As you can imagine, most of the staff were involved in this storm, so if you are a team member that contributed, know we appreciate you as well, even if I did not formally thank you.

Recently, I attempted to execute a report in our ABDi program and received an error message which I passed along to ABDi’s support staff. ABDi is the software we use for our automated vehicle entry system, which you know better as RFID. The software also manages our guests and vendor entries as well as OfficerPulse for patrol operations and reports. Within minutes, I received a reply from Roy, the owner and founder of the company, stating that he was looking into the error message. A few minutes later, I received the following response from him, “I’ve been doing this for a while now. But this is the first time that I’ve seen that many entries in the event log…Or in any other CMS or Continental table for that matter -- 15,987,670 vehicle entries.”

Since 2014, we have had nearly 16 MILLION vehicle entries through our automated entry lanes! That is quite impressive, and in Roy’s words, it is “an insane amount of traffic”.

The amount of traffic coming through our gates directly correlates to the wear and tear our gate equipment endures, and as a result, to the downtime and associated costs for maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Also in direct relation to the wear and tear on our gates is the number of vehicle versus gate accidents, which have increased by 87.5% over the past year. A majority of these incidents is caused by tailgating. As you approach the gates, please give the vehicle in front of you enough space, which is approximately one car length. Speaking of tailgating, please be certain to allow enough space between vehicles when you are traveling. You never know when the car in front of you will have to brake suddenly, and you don’t want to find yourself in someone’s trunk!

Did I mention a few articles ago that we are starting to invoice drivers for repair and labor costs if they hit our gates? Please slow down and be nice to your assets; they work hard for you. After all, the RFID and gates made it through Dorian as well!

The Community Path Subcommittee has presented a plan to increase the community path width by two feet for the path adjacent to Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Wiley Bottom Road. Additionally, plans include adding more signage, striping, and directional arrows as part of a pilot program to improve safety on our community paths. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to revise and clarify community path and golf cart rules as well as creating an educational program as part of a multi-pronged approach to address this issue. Please be on the lookout for more details on these potential changes.

Stay safe,

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