Post Hurricane Dorian Cleanup in The Landings - September 6

Landings Association and BrightView Landscapes crews continued cleanup in the community today (September 6), following Hurricane Dorian.

On Thursday (September 5), the crews cleared roadways and removed storm-damaged trees on Lillibridge Crossing, Franklin Creek Road North, Log Landing Road, Sky Sail Lane, Landings Way at Tidewater Way, and Mercer Road, and near the Main Gate. The Public Works Department divided into teams to rake and collect debris from the roadways. The raking crews immediately were followed by a street sweeper to remove the smaller debris.

To date, all primary roadways in The Landings have been cleared, and staff currently are addressing secondary roadways and community paths. BrightView has dedicated a 12-member team of its employees to focus on downfall pickup. This group is systematically working through the community to address storm-related issues. Their crews also are conducting mowing cycles to get back on schedule.

If you see storm-related issues that need addressing (e.g., debris in the roadway, downed trees, etc.), please report the issue via SeeClickFix. Several categories have been set up for your convenience. These special Hurricane Dorian SeeClickFix categories include the following:

  • Tree Damage on Common Property - Hurricane Dorian 
  • Traffic Sign or Street Sign Damage - Hurricane Dorian 
  • Mailbox Damage - Hurricane Dorian 
  • Road Blocked - Hurricane Dorian 
  • Storm Drain Maintenance/Flooding - Hurricane Dorian 

As a gentle reminder, please keep yard debris, bagged or otherwise, on your property following cleanup. Chatham County will not pick up yard debris on common property or Club property. Therefore, it will not be picked up by the County on the regular Tuesday pickup and may remain onsite much longer than you anticipate. Please remind your landscaper they are required to remove all yard debris when servicing your property.

We are most grateful that The Landings emerged from Dorian unscathed!

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