On the Security Scene

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian passed through our area on Wednesday, September 4 through Thursday, September 5. Critical Workforce Security personnel stayed on property before, during, and after the storm.

Vehicle Accidents

On Wednesday, August 28, Security, CES and CCPD responded to a single vehicle accident on Green Island Road. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the driver, a Landings resident, who stated that a tree fell on his vehicle while he was traveling on Green Island Road. He then swerved into the bushes which caused the air bags to deploy. The driver was treated on scene, and his vehicle was towed from the location.

Security & CCPD responded to the parking lot at TLA for a report of a vehicle accident on Tuesday, September 3. Upon arrival, officers spoke with two residents who explained that a vehicle driven by a male teenager was doing spin outs in the back parking lot. When they tried to approach the vehicle to speak to the young man, he put the vehicle in reverse and backed into two Crape Myrtle trees before leaving the area. The teenager and his parents returned to the scene a short time later. Both parties provided their version of events to CCPD. A citation was not issued, but a report for property damage was filed. The resident will be billed for the damages.

Bicycle Accident

On Thursday, August 29, two residents (husband & wife) stopped at the Main Gate to request medical assistance as the wife had sustained several injuries after following off a bicycle. The husband explained that they were riding their bicycles on the cart path on Henry Clay Court when a dog charged at them. The incident started his wife which caused her to fall and injure her head, face, and arm. The husband described the dog as a medium-sized mixed breed. The wife was treated and transported to the hospital for further evaluation. A CCPD officer responded to the residence where the dog was believed to have come from when it charged at the cyclists. The homeowner advised that both her dogs were not outside at the time, but she indicated there are several other dogs in the area that are often off leash. The report was forwarded to Animal Control for follow-up.

Reported Fire

Security and CES responded to a residence on Mercer Road for a possible fire on Thursday, August 29. Upon arrival, the responding officer observed the kitchen was filled with smoke, but no flames were visible. The resident stated that the oven door would not open while she was cooking dinner causing the food to burn and fill the kitchen with smoke. She further advised that she may have push the oven clean button by mistake. CES was able to get the oven door to release after letting the oven cool and resetting the power. Aside from some smoke damage to the stove, there were no damages or injuries.

Domestic Dispute

Security and CCPD responded to a residence on Clifton Lane for a domestic dispute on Thursday, September 5. No arrests were made.

Physical Altercation

Security and CCPD responded to the Plantation Club for a report of a physical altercation between two residents on Friday, August 30. One party advised that they plan to proceed with pressing charges. CCPD is investigating the incident.

Suspicious Incidents

On Sunday, September 1, Security received an anonymous call regarding a suspicious incident. The caller stated that a juvenile had stolen property, including alcohol, from a residence. The caller further stated that the individual was at TLA’s athletic field consuming the alcohol. An officer responded to the area but did not find anyone matching the description provided by the caller.

A resident on Tomochichi Lane called the Main Gate on Sunday, September 1 to report a suspicious incident. She stated that two teenage boys knocked on her door and stated they were looking for a dog. One of the individuals appeared to be holding a beer can. Security responded to the area and observed two males walking down the street. The young men stated they were leaving a friend’s house and heading home. Shortly after speaking with the two males, the responding officers was provided with a description that matched one of the boys he had spoken with previously. Security and CCPD patrolled the area attempting to locate the individuals, but the search resulted in negative findings.

Security responded to the area of Wiley Bottom Road and Hetherington Lane on Monday, September 2 for a report of possible gunshots. Upon arrival, the responding officer observed a firework burst in the air. The officer patrolled the area but was unable to locate the responsible party.

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