President's Update 8-28-19

By LeeAnn Williams
President, The Landings Association
Greetings Neighbors, Residents often ask if The Landings Association (TLA) works with The Landings Club (TLC) for the betterment of our community. The answer is yes. There are partnerships and collaborations on both the board and staff levels. At the board level, there are TLC representatives on TLA’s Finance, Public Works, and Renovation Committees. TLC’s President provides reports at TLA’s monthly Board Meeting. Cliff Frohn, TLC’s President, and I meet regularly. We currently are working together on projects involving the sprayfields and exploring strategic water initiatives. We collaborate and share thoughts on development issues on island as well as resident concerns. We often meet with Rex Templeton, the Chair of The Landings Company’s Board, to discuss issues involving housing and marketing. Both Cliff and Rex are essential to the success of TLA. Numerous events on island are cooperative ventures between TLA and TLC. Most recent is the fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Both TLA and TLC contribute to the cost of the fireworks, and TLA provides security for the event. We all should be proud of the Club’s success with the golf tournament (renamed Korn Ferry). TLA Director of Security Tim Cook coordinates and provides security, which is a significant undertaking. There are ongoing partnerships between the two entities for the new owner orientations and the Marinas’ guests, for whom passes are provided to explore Club offerings. TLA,TLC, and TLCo staff meet quarterly for communications meetings. The leaders of the three organizations -- Shari, Steven, and Raoul -- meet weekly. TLA and TLC are co-parties to several contractual agreements governing different aspects of our community, including lagoon maintenance. These contracts are routinely reviewed, negotiated between the staff, and discussed and approved at the Board level. The Community and Golf Path Maintenance Agreements illustrate the efficiencies achieved when the two parties work together. TLA’s Nominating Committee completed its work and has presented an outstanding slate of nominees. Learn more about Hal Duensing, Andrew Lohn, Tony Martin, Judith Monaco, Charles Ryan, and Mark Winters on pages 16-18 of September’s The Landings Journal. I am grateful to those who served on the Nominating Committee and also to the nominees for being willing to give their time to our community. Thanks to all of you who participated in our survey. This has been a difficult year. TLA’s staff and Board have worked diligently to repair and move forward. It is clear that work needs to continue. There was a 48.6% participation rate in the survey. While the survey results were presented at TLA’s Board Meeting on August 27, the Board will continue to analyze the data. The results will be used in determining levels and types of services as we now go about the difficult task of ensuring the protection of our Reserves and the quality of our services. You can view the survey results by logging in to and then going to Restricted Resources > Community Survey Results. We are in a different place than we were in February. We continue to move forward, heal wounds, and renew neighborly relationships. Thanks to those of you who have helped in that process! My best,

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