Community Marketing & Real Estate Update

By Raoul Rushin
President, The Landings Company

Marketing The Landings brand drives property sales…

As I wrote about last month, there are no “natural” drivers like corporate relocation activity for Landings home sales. Therefore, we must create our market by promoting the Landings brand outside the Savannah area. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate and enjoy serving the many local Savannahians who choose to make The Landings their home…we do! However, growing our future property sales numbers will come from folks who now are living in the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Florida, and a variety of other areas that we can help find us through well-placed marketing efforts.

The Company’s financial model is such that we rely exclusively on the revenue we derive from the sale of listings of property by those of you moving within The Landings or on to other destinations together, with the revenue stemming from the buyers we draw to our community and help to find a home. The annual marketing budget of the Company and the additional marketing now executed by the Club are the only significant means by which people learn of The Landings other than your own, very crucial, referrals of friends and family – they are appreciated! Ultimately, the more listings and referrals we receive from each of you only enhances our marketing budget.

Through July of this year, our inquiries for community information are up 11%, and we are on pace for the 550 couple/family target for Discovery Visits we set out to achieve. The first seven months results for the whole of The Landings are as follows:

















Within that, The Company has performed well:


















Selling our community and the property available here is our complete focus. You will see this on our website, in our materials, and within our advertising. As the results clearly demonstrate, it’s a process that our team knows best.

No real estate firm markets our brand so fully or has a team as experienced or committed to our community as our team at The Landings Company. The results are clear. Feel free to call upon any of our agents to tell you more about how we have been involved in nearly 80% of all home sales this year.

We hope you’ll choose the Company to list your home or homesite and refer your friends and family who now want to START LIVING at THE LANDINGS!

Let’s help others to Start Living in 2019!







Your Company, The Landings Company!

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