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Sea Level Sensor Implementation

In collaboration with the Chatham County Smart Sea Level Sensor project, Sean Burgess and Russ Clark (Director of Mobile Technology and loT Programs for Georgia Tech) installed a sea level sensor and gateway at Delegal Creek Marina on Tuesday. Over the next several weeks, Russ will evaluate and test other areas in the community to determine if the signal strength is adequate for additional sea level sensors to be installed throughout the community.  The Landings Harbor data is currently assessible via the below link. As an aside, Delegal Creek Marina will be added once all calibrations are performed on the sensor.









Street Light Audit

On Wednesday, in-house staff completed an audit of all Georgia Power streetlights located within the community.  Staff and Public Works Committee members are scheduled to meet with a Georgia Power representative on September 5 at 10 a.m.  The meeting will include discussions on the proposed contract and costs associated with upgrades to more energy efficient LED lights.   

Nutter and Associates Meeting – Sprayfields

On Tuesday, Sean Burgess, Ron Medders and Amber Capps held a phone conference with David Huff and Chris Foldesi from Nutter and Associates to discuss the following items:

  • Evaluate 15-acre sprayfield (not included in 2015 project scope) near UI’s collection pond to determine if area could be used as a future site for a wastewater treatment facility.
  • Determine future lifespan of South and North Sprayfields to determine whether the fields can be used indefinitely or whether the fields’ lifespan have a time limit based on current use.
  • Evaluate the improvements made to South Sprayfield to determine whether UI/TLA’s improvements have increased overall efficiency.
  • Evaluate current cover crop/tree specimens to determine if additional plantings/cover crop installations are required.
  • Assess nitrogen loading to fields.

Delegal Creek Marina Maintenance

Staff continued to replace the damaged boards located on the Delegal Fixed Pier this week and anticipate completion of the necessary replacements by the end of next week.On Monday, August 26, JF Paint will begin painting the restroom facilities (men and women’s) located in the Sunset Pavilion.  While this work is being conducted by our contractor, in-house staff will complete various other maintenance items in and around the facility as part of our preventative maintenance program.

Dog Park Maintenance

In-house crews completed several small projects at the Dog Park this week which included the replacement of the washed-out gravel in the golf cart parking area, the backfill of large holes throughout the park and the cleaning, pressure washing and repainting of the fixed rails along the walkway.

Community Path Backfilling and Repair

Absolute Concrete completed repairs on the following paths this week: Landings Way North at Tidewater Way, the Main Gate path at Landings Way North and Bartram Road. In-house staff is continuing to evaluate and backfill along the path from Landings Way North to Bartram Road.

Road Repair and Maintenance

Bennett Paving completed road repairs (root intrusions, patching, etc.) on the following roads this week: Brandenberry Road, Franklin Creek Road North, Shellwind Drive, and Hopscotch Lane. On Tuesday, construction staff, along with Bennett Paving removed one of the largest root intrusions the department has record of on Brandenberry Road.  The pictures below demonstrate how big it actually was!











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