On the Security Scene

Bicycle Accident

Security and CES responded to Landings Way South at Huntingwood Retreat for a bicycle accident with injuries. The cyclist is a house sitter & dog walker who was staying on island while her client was away. She advised that she had looked down momentarily while crossing Huntingwood Retreat and ran into the curb on the opposite side of the street. The cyclist was treated on scene before being transported to the hospital, and a patrol officer transported her bicycle back to the home where she was staying.

Owl Attack

On Sunday, August 18, a resident contacted the Main Gate to report that she had been attacked by an owl while she was running the path near Prestbury Lane. She also advised that she had been attacked previously, and in both instances, the owl had scraped her scalp with its talons. While on patrol the previous day, an officer observed two owls apparently hunting squirrels in the area and advised that one appeared to be an adolescent. On the day of the incident, the officer monitored the area for the owls but did not see any while on location. The officer spoke with another resident who was walking his dog at the time, and he advised that his wife also had two encounters with an owl on the path between Prestbury Lane and Cotton Crossing. He stated that the owl even had removed his wife’s hat on one occasion. The man stated that his wife no longer walks the path in that area anymore as they believe there is a nest nearby and do not want to disturb the owl, which appears to be protecting its young. The report was forwarded to The Landings Association’s USDA wildlife biologist Jonathan Smith, who will monitor the area but cannot remove the owls as they are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Act.

Suspicious Incidents

Security responded to Landings Way North near Bartram Road for a report of gunshots around 1 a.m. on Thursday, August 15. The caller stated he saw a person in a truck shooting a gun but was unable to provide a license plate or a description of the person. Security contacted The Landings Association’s USDA wildlife biologist Jonathan Smith, who advised that he was not on the island at the time. Patrols checked nearby areas, including Bartram Road, Landings Way North, and McWhorter Drive, with negative results, and no further reports were received.

On Friday, August 16, Security & CCPD responded to a residence on Wiley Bottom Road for a suspicious incident. The homeowner stated that when she arrived home from work, she noticed that it appeared as though someone had tampered with her garage door. Officers observed a visible gash mark on the door as though someone had tried to pry it open. The resident also advised that she had noticed some slight damage to the area on the previous day but did not report it at the time. Officers checked the exterior of the residence and did not find anything suspicious. Extra patrols will be performed in the area, and CCPD is investigating.

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