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Community Path Stop Sign Installation

As a follow up to this year’s Community Path Project, inhouse staff repaired and/or replaced 13 STOP signs that were reported missing along the newly installed path on Landings Way South. As a reminder, stop signs are installed at intersections that cross primary and secondary roadways to help reduce near misses and/or accidents.

Street Light Audit

Over the past several weeks, staff has been working on a comprehensive inventory of the streetlights located throughout the community, which will include the location and pole number of each light. Our current agreement with Georgia Power includes 240 light posts (10 w high pressure sodium cobra heads); however, staff and Georgia Power believe this number is not entirely accurate, thus requiring a need for an audit to determine accuracy. As an aside, staff is continuing to monitor the two test LED streetlights that were installed at the intersection of Landings Way South and Activity Drive and Westcross Road and Franklin Creek Road South in July. Over the next couple of months, staff will make a determination as to whether or not the upgrades need to be made to the entire system. Thereafter, a recommendation will be made to the Board on same.

HVAC Unit for the Public Works Building Upstairs

The HVAC unit located in the second story of the Public Works Building (where the department’s offices are located) has not been operating on a consistent basis. Staff notified Climatech (our service provider) about this issue and anticipate the unit to be fully functional by the end of the week.

Community Path Backfilling and Repair

In-house staff is continuing to backfill along the path on Landings Way North towards Wiley Bottom Road. Additionally, staff is in the process of reviewing the maintenance repair list for both asphalt and concrete paths. As a reminder, this maintenance program is funded operationally and will begin in September.

2019 Road Repair and Replacement Project     

Staff is continuing to work with Bennett Paving to finalize the schedule for the remaining roads that require paving and/or sealing within the scope of this year’s project.

Late last week, Whitaker Laboratories was onsite to collect core samples on Franklin Creek Road South. Once the results have been received, staff will schedule another meeting with Bennett Paving and Thomas and Hutton to develop a plan to resolve the rideability concerns along the roadway.

South Sprayfield Laydown Yard

Remediation Resources (a salvage company) continued to remove asphalt millings and concrete from the South Sprayfield Laydown Yard this week. Barring any further weather delays, the removal of material is anticipated to be completed by Friday.

Storm Drain Repair

On Wednesday, Southeast Pipe began the repair of two storm drains located on Captain Dunbar Lane and Franklin Creek Road South. The pipes located on each road required repair due to joint failures within the pipe. Southeast Pipe will utilize a CIPP (Cured in Place Piping) lining technology to line the pipe with a fiber glass material that has a guaranteed lifespan of 40 years.  This technology also allows for a less intrusive impact on the property owners in and around the repair areas along with a significant reduction in restoration costs. The above repairs will be completed through the department’s operational budget. 

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