On the Security Scene

Vehicle Accident

Security, CCPD, and CES responded to a two-vehicle accident at West Ridge Road and McWhorter Drive between a resident and a non-resident on Monday, August 5. The non-resident and his passenger were traveling on McWhorter Drive toward the four-way intersection when the resident pulled out from West Ridge Road to make a left turn. The resident advised that she did not see the vehicle before turning. The passenger of the first vehicle sustained multiple injuries and was transported to the hospital. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.


On Monday, August 5, a resident contacted Security to report that a wooden bench had been stolen from her yard on Wexford Lane. She advised that it was stolen sometime during the previous day or two. The resident also stated that she had noticed a dark SUV in the area around 5:30 a.m. but believed it might have been a newspaper carrier. She did not want to file a report with CCPD. Extra patrols will be performed in the area, and Security personnel will be on the lookout for the dark SUV to ensure that the driver is, in fact, a newspaper carrier.

Dog vs. Dog

Security responded to Wiley Bottom Road on Tuesday, August 6, for a report of a dog vs. dog attack. A resident stated he was walking his brother’s dogs on the trail near Tidewater Way when a neighbor’s dog lunged out of the bushes and suddenly clamped down on the smaller dog’s leg. The small dog immediately began limping and appeared to be injured. The aggressor dog also bit the larger dog on the rear but did not cause any injuries. The resident stated he was able to get away without further incident and returned to his home with both dogs. Animal Control was notified and will investigate the incident.

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