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TLA/TLC Quarterly Meeting

Sean Burgess and Amber Capps met with Chris Steigelman and Tyson Helsel on Tuesday to discuss the Public Works Department’s 2020 work plan, projects that the two entities could bid together to achieve the best possible contractor pricing, lagoon maintenance cycles, and upcoming lagoon dredging projects. Staff from both organizations will meet again later this fall to finalize a memorandum of agreement on lagoons, along with the TLA/TLC Lagoon Maintenance contract. TLA and TLC intend to address the asset allocation and maintenance responsibilities of storm drain infrastructure and lagoon structures in 2020.

Delegal Fixed Pier Board Replacement

Over the past two weeks, staff have been working on the replacement of deck boards at the entrance of the Delegal Fixed Pier. Inhouse staff will continue to replace the boards up to the first set of benches along the pier.

Main Gate Septic System Repair

On Monday, staff were notified that the Main Gate septic system was nonoperational. Staff were unable to clear the lines and notified Gray Septic Service (our service provider) of the issues with the system. Gray Septic Service was onsite Tuesday to pump the septic system which is now functional. During Tuesday’s service, Gray Septic Service determined that the drain field associated with the system is no longer operational. Staff are working to resolve the septic system drain field failures and will update the Board once a decision has been made on the best course of action for remediation.

2019 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete completed the 2019 project scope on Friday, August 2. Next week, they will transition to path maintenance and begin the repair of damaged concrete panels on Bartram Road and Landings Way South. The costs associated with the panel repairs will be funded operationally.

Additionally, inhouse staff continue to focus on back-filling of community paths that have been identified as safety hazards.

2019 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving has completed 90% of this year’s resurfacing project scope with the exception of two roads that are being further evaluated. The contractor will utilize the guard top sealing process on several roads that were included in this year’s project, as they do not require a full mill and replacement. Staff, in conjunction with Thomas & Hutton, have identified and developed a punch list for Bennett Paving to address. Staff will be meeting with Bennett Paving next week to establish a timeline for the necessary repairs.

Road Repairs and Maintenance

On Monday, August 5, CPCS, one of TLA’s contractors, will begin repairing and patching roads where root intrusions and potholes currently exist on Franklin Creek Road North, Brandenberry Road, Shellwind Drive, and Landings Way South.

Storm Drain Repair

Southeast Pipe Survey cleaned and conducted camera inspections on five storm drains located in Marshwood and The Village last week. Once the report and video footage have been received and reviewed by staff, recommendations for the necessary repairs will be developed and included within this year’s capital program for Board approval in August.


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