New Vehicle Towing Policy Effective September 3

Courtesy of Landings Security

Within the last year, Landings Association staff have noticed an increase in vehicles, trailers, RVs, and other personal property being left on TLA Common Property, especially at Delegal Marina and Landings Harbor. Although we generally allow homeowners and their guests to park vehicles and trailers temporarily on common property, we ask that members contact us before doing so in order to provide the duration of use and contact information. Unfortunately, we are not always notified beforehand, and despite our efforts, some vehicles or trailers are not easily identified. Staff have received significantly more complaints regarding these apparently abandoned vehicles and trailers despite our efforts to work with individuals.

Benchmarking of several gated, residential communities and country clubs revealed that several have a policy in place to tow unauthorized vehicles left on their property. At its meeting on May 28, 2019, the Board of Directors voted to adopt a resolution establishing a towing policy.

In accordance with Georgia State statute (O.C.G.A.) §44-1-13, “Private Parking” signs (as shown at left) have been placed conspicuously in TLA’s parking lots and at all seven gates. Beginning on September 3, 2019, unauthorized vehicles, trailers, RVs, and other personal property left on TLA Common Property will be towed by Gordon’s Wrecker Service at the owner’s expense. TLA personnel will place a yellow warning sticker (like the one shown at right) on any vehicle that will be towed at least 24 hours prior to contacting Gordon’s Wrecker Service. We hope that we never require Gordon’s services and believe this notice might have the positive and lasting effect which we need to resolve this unfortunate, ongoing issue. 

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