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Our brand is The Landings…it’s what sells!

Many of us have come from other markets around the country where a constant turnover of homes is fueled by a steady flow of incoming residents being relocated for new jobs or replacement of current jobs. I came from the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC area, which has a large corporate base with substantial job growth drawing nearly 40,000 people a year to move there. In contrast, Savannah has the Port Authority and a few large employers but a population that has remained relatively flat for some time now.

What does this mean for The Landings? We must create our market. The annual marketing budget of the Company and the additional marketing now executed by the Club are the only significant means by which people learn of The Landings other than your own, very crucial, referrals of friends and family.

That said, our marketing message of START LIVING, supported by our website and other media, provides potential buyers a full view of what we are, who we are, and why it should matter to them by making it clear how we are differentiated from other communities that they may be considering.

Visitors to our site also can view information and pictures of every significant feature and amenity of The Landings as well as learn about Savannah. They also can discover New Neighbors and other groups that can help them first envision and then make their transition and connection to our community.








You will notice that I’ve not yet mentioned a house or any available property here. Potential Landings residents view the house as a secondary decision. They are not interested in granite countertops, stainless appliances, the number of bedrooms and baths and the like until and unless they are convinced that this is the place for them.

Selling our community is mission #1, and therefore, our first and most important sale. You will see this on our website, in our material, and our advertisements. It’s also a process that our team knows best. For example, your home might have the best view on the island and the world’s greatest kitchen, but if the buyer is not totally convinced that this is the place to make their home, they will not buy it.

Critical to the Company’s mission of enhancing the value of our properties here is the marketing of our community’s brand. If you think about your own decision to move here, I’m sure most of you were not first drawn here by a particular home but by the lifestyle offered and how you envisioned living it!

We reach as broadly as possible with our $1.2m+ annual marketing budget to attract those who don’t know The Landings and to encourage them to take advantage of our Discovery Visit program. This year, we expect some 550 families and couples, with many falling in love with our lifestyle, who are then ready to explore specific properties that meet their needs.

No real estate firm markets our brand so fully or has a team as experienced or as committed to our community as our team at The Landings Company. The results are clear. Feel free to call upon any of our agents to tell you more about how we have been involved in more than 80% of all home sales this year.

Let’s help others to Start Living in 2019






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