On the Security Scene


Security and CCPD responded to a residence for a report of a scam. The resident stated that she had received a call from a young woman claiming to be her granddaughter who stated she had been in an accident and was in jail. The “granddaughter” informed the resident that another individual would contact her to make the arrangements for her bail. The second individual contacted the resident approximately 10 minutes later with details about the accident and where to send the bail money. Unfortunately, the resident mailed a total $9,600 to the address provided. When the individual called back a couple hours later with more “bad news” about the accident and requesting additional money, the resident contacted her broker who advised her of the scam. CCPD is investigating.

Reported Gas Leaks

On Saturday, July 13 at approximately 7:15 a.m., Security and CES responded to Goose Quill Lane for a report of a gas leak. CES personnel reported negative results in locating a gas leak and cleared the area. At approximately 7:50 p.m., a resident on Lillibridge Crossing reported a strong gas smell in the area. CES personnel still was not able to locate a leak and contacted Atlanta Gas for assistance. Atlanta Gas arrived at approximately 10 p.m. and found a small gas leak in the line. Atlanta Gas personnel repaired the line on Monday, July 15 since the leak was not considered dangerous.

Security and CES responded to a residence Tarrow Ridge Road on Monday, July 15, for a report of a gas leak. CES checked the location and determined there was a leak. The property owner contacted her contractor to come out and repair the leak. The cause of the leak is unknown.

Reported Fires

On Monday, July 15, Security and CES responded to Little Comfort Road for a report of a fire. A resident contacted the Main Gate and advised that he saw smoke coming from the home on his surveillance camera. CES personnel determined the smoke was caused by someone burning food in the kitchen.

Suspicious Incidents

On Sunday, July 14, Security and CCPD responded to McWhorter Drive near the North Gate for a report of a suspicious person who appeared to be walking in circles. Upon arrival, the officer located an unknown male who stated he was heading to his brother’s house on Quacco Road. The Security officer informed the man that he was on Skidaway Island, and the CCPD officer provided the man with a ride to Quacco Road.

While performing routine inspections on Sunday, July 14, Security personnel discovered eggs on the concrete path that appeared to have been thrown from the Marsh Tower. There also appeared to be egg residue on some of the wooden planks of the tower. Prior to discovering the eggs, the patrol officer witnessed four young adults entering a vehicle in the small parking area on Marsh Tower Lane. Unfortunately, contact was not made with the individuals as they already had left the area at the time of discovery.

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