LMFRF Mid-Year Summary

Courtesy of LMFRF

From January 2019 through June 2019, the Landings Military Family Relief Fund’s (LMFRF) Emergency Grant Program dispensed $32,803. These funds supported 73 separate cases serving a total of 297 soldiers and their dependents.

Additionally, the Soldier Food Voucher Program dispensed $24,250, serving a total of 302 soldiers and their dependents. A recently added service, LMFRF Backpack Buddy Program, dispensed $11,000 providing support to a total of 157 students at Ft. Stewart.

The Fund also provided support to the Warrior Transition Battalion and The Soldier Family Assistance Center in the form of nutritional snacks. From January through June the Fund provided snacks to 1,668 service members. This comes to a combined total of 2,570 snacks consumed. As a reminder, over the years the Fund has donated a massage chair, egg chair, ball chair, basketballs, DVDs, and a grill to assist soldiers. For soldiers who suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the massage chair and egg chair are extremely popular.

As the supervisory clinical psychologist of the alternative treatment room at the Embedded Behavioral Health Clinic said, “Since its installation, more than 100 patient encounters have been logged highlighting the importance of this valuable treatment,” said Jenna Brown-Morgan, PSY.D. “Several commanders and senior non-commissioned officers routinely visit the AT room for ‘maintenance’. They have enthusiastically commented on the effectiveness of the chairs. Above all, the AT room helps the mission of the health clinic to reduce stigma and increase access to care for a high performing and dynamic community of aviation and special operation warriors.”

The educational partnerships have progressed in extremely positive ways. Between Georgia Southern University and Savannah Technical College, there are 30 military spouses in receipt of assistance from the LMFRF Scholarship Program. Examples of disciplines of study range from paralegal studies, accounting, criminal justice, respiratory therapy, education, and nursing. This program that our community so generously supports is changing lives.

The Board extends our thanks and appreciation for what you have done in the past and what you continue to do. Without your support, none of the above would be possible. I remind each of our Landings neighbors that the LMFRF is one-of-a-kind, made possible through your generosity

The LMFRF Board

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