Chatham Emergency Services

By Carey Ruppert -
Chief, Skidaway Division


In case you weren’t aware, Chatham Fire Department, the fire component of Chatham Emergency Services is a combined fire department. That means it is a combination of full-time career firefighters and volunteer firefighters who work as a team to provide fire protection to all of unincorporated Chatham County.

Skidaway Island Division is one of five divisions within Chatham Fire Department, and all its volunteer firefighters are residents of Skidaway Island. Like the Landings as a whole, the men and women of Skidaway Division hail from many states and occupations, but all are united in a desire to protect others.

When you see our chartreuse engines with flashing lights and firefighters at or en route to a fire scene, you should know that one of those firefighters might be your neighbor. And more importantly, that firefighter could be you!

We are looking for motivated, physically fit, and community-minded individuals to join our volunteer ranks. If you are looking for a way to contribute to your community and protect the homes and property of your friends and neighbors, becoming a volunteer firefighter might be the answer. No experience is required. We will provide all the training and the snazzy bunker gear with your name emblazoned on the backside.

If you are interested in learning more information about becoming a volunteer firefighter, please email me (

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