On the Security Scene

Alleged Assault

Security, CES, and CCPD responded to Westcross Road and Franklin Creek Road South for a report of an altercation on Monday, July 8. The issue was resolved without further incident. By request of the participants, no arrests were made or charges filed.


On Friday, July 5, at approximately 7:15 a.m., Security and CES responded to a wooded area on Tarrow Ridge Road near The Landings Club Operations gate for a report of a fire. Upon arrival, CES located a brush fire believed to have been caused by lightning from a storm the previous evening. CES was able to extinguish the fire, and there were no injuries or property damages reported.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., Security and CES responded to the same area for a report of smoke and discovered the brush fire had begun to reignite. CES was able to extinguish the fire and continued to check the area every hour to ensure the fire did not flare up again.

Security and CES responded to the Marshwood tennis courts on Saturday, July 6 for a report of a fire. The fire was located in the pine straw area and bushes near the maintenance shed. CES extinguished the fire and continued to water the area to ensure the fire did not reignite. The cause of the fire was determined to be a faulty electric cord that was powering a sump pump in the area. No injuries were reported, and The Landings Club was notified of the incident.

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Dispute

A resident on Candlewicke Lane called Security regarding an incident that occurred while she was walking her dog on Tuesday, July 9. The situation was resolved without any further action by TLA or CCPD.

Lost Person Report

A resident contacted Security to report his wife as being lost in the community on Friday, July 5. He informed Security that he had last seen her on Bartram Road. Approximately 20 minutes after the initial call, the resident’s wife was located near the Main Gate and was escorted safely to her home.

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