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2019 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete crews are continuing to work through the project scope and have completed the demolition of path from Moonbill Lane up to the Deer Creek course restroom facility on Shellwind Drive (toward Sundew Road). A second crew is pouring concrete along the path section up to Moonbill Lane  and will continue toward Sundew Road next week.

On Wednesday, the contractor completed pouring concrete around the Marsh Observation Tower. The area around the tower was reopened for  traffic on Thursday. Over the next week, BrightView Landscapes will install pine straw and plant varieties around the Marsh Tower to further enhance the area around the amenity.

2019 Road Repair Project

Bennett Paving completed paving Adams Point on Monday. Thereafter, the contractor began repairing root intrusions located on Joshua’s Retreat, Carlow Lane, Sparkleberry Lane and the community path near Half Penny Circle. The Shellwind Drive partial road  replacement project is currently scheduled to begin on July 8. Communications will be drafted and sent to the community in advance of the project to address the project scope and road closures.

Storm Drain Maintenance

Southeast Pipe performed a video inspection of the storm drains on Franklin Wood Lane and Captain Dunbar Lane this week. Once a report and recommendation has been drafted, staff will evaluate the findings  to determine if repairs and/or replacements are warranted.

Deer Creek Gate Irrigation Main Line Repair

On Tuesday, the irrigation main line at the Deer Creek Gate was damaged. Shortly after notification, BrightView crews responded to the gate to shut the line off. Thereafter, BrightView made the necessary repairs to address the damaged line. It appears that one of the valves was damaged by a vehicle.

Emergency Tree Removal on Landings Way North

Over the weekend, BrightView Landscapes responded to a hazardous tree issue on Landings Way North that was called in by Security. Upon evaluation, BrightView staff determined that the leaning tree was outside of their capabilities and notified TLA staff. Thereafter, TLA staff contacted Evergreen Tree who responded onsite within forty minutes and safely removed the hazardous tree over the roadway.   

Marshview Landing Gate - Test lighted gate arms

On Wednesday, Remote Technology installed LED light strips on the gate arms at Marshview Landing. At the request of the Security Department, staff is testing lighted gate arms for increased safety as a precautionary measure. Although lighted gate arms are common in other gated communities, the costs associated with the lighting would be a significant increase from $250 to $900 per gate arm. Due to the frequency in which our gate arms are damaged by contractors, residents and their guests, any damages caused by one of the above-mentioned parties would result in an invoice remittance to the party at fault for all costs associated with the repair to include labor and replacement materials. Once the test period of the gate arm lighting has concluded, staff will update the Board on same.

2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

Staff is continuing to carve and paint the street signs that require replacement in this year’s project scope.  

Five Star Painters, our contractor for this year’s mailbox and sign painting program, is continuing to address the mailbox posts, yard plaques and mailbox numbers along Yam Gandy Road. The contractor also addressed the punch list items for the areas of the community that they completed last month.  

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