Carefree Boat Club Announces Summer Seasonal Plan

Courtesy of Carefree Boat Club

The summer movement of members for a northern respite allows us to offer a seasonal trial plan for interested dreamers. As summer heats up, remember it’s always cooler on the water! So, if you are a golfer, play golf in the mornings and boat in the evening. It’s more relaxing that way. Join now and get trained early and enjoy the next three months having fun and staying cool!

Training Curriculum

Step 1: Get your Georgia Safe Boater's Certificate (Driver’s license) - This is an eight-hour, one day class through the DNR in Savannah. The Power Squadron also offers an online course.

Step 2: Introduction to Navigation, and experience with the GPS and Navigation System on Boats. Spend 2 ½ hours with Murray Hamilton, class developer and instructor, to learn the following:

  • Tide Management and Current Control
  • Course Planning and Destinations
  • Reroutes and Risks
  • Downloads and Device Service

Step 3: On the Water (OTW) Training - This two-to-three-hour course is out of Landings Harbor, and we offer a similar experience out of Delegal.

Boat and Equipment familiarization

  • Bow to Stern, Port to Starboard (Learn terms and definitions).
  • Pilotage and Charting, Land and Sea, Points of Interest,
  • Practice Boat Control
  • Practice on Course and Course Correction
  • Tracking, with specific maneuvers required for safety operations
  • Docking under multiple conditions
  • Leaving the boat (Steps to shut down the boats)               

Step 4: Check Ride OTW with our Operations Manager to review training and skills development. Check Ride is the final step in the approval process to assure you are safe, can handle the boat safely, are knowledgeable about the rules of the water, and understand where you are at all times, and how to return to port.

Step 5: Demonstration of the Reservation System and support in booking your first reservation.

  • Signing into the system
  • Establishing a username and password
  • Verifying and validating the information in the system
  • Making a reservation
  • Verifying reservations are correct 

Please Note: if you already have your GA Boaters Safety Card, you can immediately move to the Navigation Class.


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