Marinas Update

By Rory Jose -
Marinas Director

Summer is in full swing, and the Marinas are a flurry of activity. Landings Harbor is especially busy this year. The dry storage is nearly full. If you are interested in storing your boat at Landings Harbor, please call the Harbor Store (598-1901) to inquire about space. We are very limited on openings in the racks! The summer heat is relentless already, so please be considerate of the dockhands and forklift drivers as they handle constant sun exposure to provide prompt and wonderful customer service.

Leopold’s ice cream is a big hit, and the Snack Shack at Landings Harbor Marina continues to be a success. We encourage all residents to check out all the action. Don’t forget to buy a refreshment and snack.

Remember the kayak launch is available for use at Delegal. Just purchase your 2019 sticker from The Landings Association’s Administrative Building (600 Landings Way South). The cost is $20 for the entire year. If you pay for kayak storage at the marinas, the sticker is free! Delegal also offers kayak rentals in hourly, half day, and whole day options. You can choose from singles or tandems. The rental also includes paddles and life jackets.

Interested in taking a Sunset Cruise? Keep an eye out for email notices, then go to The Landings Association’s Website ( to register. Spots fill up fast, so don’t wait to register.

July is peak crabbing season! Throw some chicken necks into your crab trap and set it out for the night. Be sure to attach a green float and mark your name clearly on it (as is required by the Department of Natural Resources). In no time, you’ll be enjoying fresh, steamed crabs right at home! Traps are best used for overnight crabbing and will get you the most crabs with little to no work. Just remember, they cannot be left in the water for more than 24 hours. Crab baskets also are lots of fun but require a little more patience because you must pull them in slowly and more frequently. Don’t be surprised if you catch two-or-three at a time. Reports are that Delegal Creek is the hot spot! The ship store has a few essential items for crabbing, so drop by to browse our items

Staff are busy preparing for the annual Spanish Mackerel Tournament. The Captain’s Meeting will be on Friday, August 2, and the tournament will be on Saturday, August 3. The tournament will include a weigh-in, trophies, good food, and crabs. Be on the lookout for more information on this family fun tournament as we get closer to the date! Until next time, enjoy the summer, and I’ll see you around the Marinas!

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