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2019 Community Path Project

On Friday, Absolute Concrete completed the section of path conversion from the property at 44 Shellwind Drive to the intersection of Shellwind Drive and Shellwind Drive. Crews are following the contractor to backfill the areas immediately adjacent to the paths.

2019 Road Repair Project

Bennett Paving completed milling Adams Point this week and are scheduled to pave the roadway on Monday, June 24.

2019 Gate Replacement – North Gate

Remote Technology completed the installation of the slide gate and motors this week at the North Gate. Staff is in the process of reviewing the project and will provide the contractor with a punch list if required.

2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

On Friday, in-house staff completed all repairs and/or replacements of mailboxes, mailbox posts, mailbox numbers and yard plaques within this year’s program. Staff is currently in the process of carving and painting the street signs that require replacement within the project scope.  On Thursday, Five Star Painters began working on Yam Gandy Road. Additionally, the contractor has been provided with a punch list of items that need to be addressed in the areas that they have completed.  

Addition of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Unit Layer to geothinQ

The AED (Automated External Defibrillator) unit layer was integrated into our geothinQ platform this week. The layer includes the follow information per AED unit: owner (TLA, TLC, The Village), building name, building location (address), unit location, age group, manufacturer and a picture of the unit. Amber Capps, in conjunction with Thomas & Hutton, are still working out a few kinks with the layer; however, they are anticipated to be resolved within the next week. Thereafter, staff intends to create a map with the unit locations for community access via The Landings Association website.      












Senauki Lane Drain Frame and Grate Replacement

In mid-to late February, staff was notified about a drain grate failure on Senauki Lane. Staff inspected the drain and determined that the drain grate was damaged, along with the framed structure around the grate. For safety reasons, in-house staff placed a steel plate over the drain with room for normal drainage to occur on the street.  Thereafter, staff took measurements of the frame and structure and placed an order with Knights Precast. Although staff was given an estimated 8-12-week timeframe for completion, Knights Precast has been backlogged due to larger quantity orders and most recently, their foundry has been in-operational. Staff continually called the vendor for updates and researched other vendors to obtain estimated turn-around times for completion; however, Knights Precast informed staff on Wednesday that they were not able to make the grate due to its size and low quantity order. On Friday, Bill Campbell and his team modified the catch basin to a standardized size to allow for the installation of the new grate.  



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