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2019 Community Path Project

As of Friday, Absolute Concrete has completed the section of path conversion from Kittiwake Lane up to the property at 44 Shellwind Drive in the Deer Creek phase of the community.  In-house staff continues to follow behind the contractor to backfill the areas alongside the paths.

Turf Field Day

Unfortunately, Turf Field Day was cancelled on Tuesday (June 11) due to rain.  Staff intends to incorporate the following presentations into the Sunset Sips Series later this summer: Shallow Wells, Turf Management, Irrigation Best Practices and State Water Restrictions.  More details to follow!

2019 Road Repair Project

This week, Bennett Paving completed paving Franklin Creek Road South from Activity Drive to Westcross Road, Activity Drive and the circular portion of Tanaquay Court.  In-house staff and Bennett Paving will reconvene on Friday to determine the schedule for the remainder of the roads within this year’s project scope.

2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

Over the last two weeks, Five Star Painters has experienced several days where they have not been able to paint due to rainfall/storms.  The contractor’s crew is currently addressing the punch list items on Tidewater Way, Brandenberry Road and Morning Marsh Road. Once they have completed the punch list items in these areas, they will progress to Landings Way South and all side streets up to Plantation Club to begin painting the mailbox posts, mailbox numbers and yard plaques on these streets.

2019 Gate Replacement – North Gate

On Wednesday, Remote Technology delivered the slide gate equipment to the North Gate.  The contractor is working on the installation intermittingly in between the rain showers.  Barring any further weather delays, Remote Technology is anticipated to be completed with the installation by Friday, June 14.  In the event that they are not able to complete the installation on Friday, Remote Technology will be back onsite Monday to complete the project.  Communications were sent to the community in advance of the project encouraging residents to utilize other gatehouses (i.e. Main or Oakridge) for the duration.  As a reminder, this equipment replacement is a continuation of the Capital Asset Management Plan (CAMP) project that was approved by the Board of Directors at the March 2019 Board meeting.

Lagoon 144 Water Removal

Last month, staff received notification that a property owner installed piping onto common property from a pump located on residential property to extract water from lagoon 144 for irrigation purposes.  Staff e-mailed and mailed correspondence to the property owner requiring that they remove the pipe from the lagoon immediately and the remainder of the piping on common property within ten (10) days. The property owner received the communication and exchanged various e-mail correspondences with staff protesting the notice.  Staff conducted a follow-up inspection and discovered that the property owner did not comply with the letter and the piping from the lagoon and surrounding bank area had not been removed.  Thereafter, staff instructed BrightView Landscape to remove the piping and the property owner was notified. 

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