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Public Works Department

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, the Public Works Office will be closed on Monday, May 27. Additionally, many of the department’s contractors will also observe this holiday and resume working on all active community projects (e.g., painting program, et al) on Tuesday, May 28.

Recycling Center

On Monday, May 27, the Recycling Center will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. This closure will also give the dedicated, hard-working residential volunteers a break to enjoy time with their family and friends!

Main Gate Exit Lane Plantings

Over the next week, BrightView Landscapes will remove the hollies that were planted along the community path on the right side of the Main Gate exit lane. The crape myrtles that currently exist in this area will be separated and spaced along the path. As an aside, the hollies will be re-transplanted at the Main Gate and North Gate.

Lagoon 144 Water Removal

On Wednesday, staff received notification that a property owner installed piping onto common property from a pump located on residential property to draw water from lagoon 144 for irrigation purposes. Late Wednesday afternoon, staff confirmed this through inspection and drafted a letter to the property owner requesting removal of the pipe from the lagoon immediately and the remainder of the piping on common property within 10 days. Staff will conduct a followup inspection of the area on June 3, 2019 to ensure the property owner has complied.

2019 Community Path Project

To date, Absolute Concrete has completed approximately 1,922 linear feet of path conversion (from asphalt to concrete) in Deer Creek from Westshell Court to Sedgewater Retreat. The contractor will continue to progress through the project scope. 

2019 Road Repair Project

Last week, Bennett Paving completed paving Thibault Lane, Kelsall Lane, and Cameron Lane. The contractor completed paving Middleton Road on Wednesday and will begin paving Priest Landing Road on Tuesday, May 28. 









2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

This week, in-house staff completed all of the repairs and/or replacements of the mailboxes, posts, and yard plaques along the right side of Landings Way South and its side streets. Staff currently are in the process of repairing/replacing the yard plaques on Yam Gandy Road and its side streets.

Five-Star Painters began working on Westcross Road and its side streets this week and is scheduled to be completed with this area of the community by Friday, May 24. The contractor will progress to the right side of Tidewater Way and its side streets on Tuesday, May 28.

Marshview Landing and North Gate Equipment Replacement

Last week, Remote Technology completed the replacement of the gate system equipment located at the Marshview Landing Access Control Facility. On Monday, staff removed the two large concrete poles in the small center island at the Marshview Landing Gate which are no longer needed to operate/protect the gate equipment. On Friday, Brightview installed additional plantings in the center island where the old equipment once existed.

On Monday, Remote Technology began the replacement of the North/Marshwood Gate equipment. The contractor completed the removal and replacement of all equipment with the exception of one slide gate motor and two slide gates. The system is fully operational at present; however, there is a three- week delay for the two remaining slide gates. Although this does delay the intended project completion date, the contractor still is within the contract timeline limit of 60 days.

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