On the Security Scene







Theft Follow-up

On Wednesday, May 15, two Brightview employees notified Security of a wallet found in the Publix parking lot. The wallet was identified as the same one reported stolen on Saturday, May 11. Initially, the resident who reported the wallet as stolen thought it was stolen while he was at the Franklin Creek Pool. However, he now believes it could have been stolen from his home, as his lawn service provider knew where the spare key was located. The wallet was returned to the resident, and CCPD continues to investigate.

Vehicle Accidents

Security and CCPD responded to a vehicle versus deer accident on Landings Way North near the Dog Park on Wednesday, May 15. The resident stated that a herd of deer came from the woods near Bartram Road and crossed in front of his vehicle. Unfortunately, he could not avoid the animals and struck one of the deer. The vehicle sustained damages to the entire front bumper. The deer was deceased at the scene, and BrightView was notified to remove the animal.

On Wednesday, May 24, at approximately 9:30 p.m., Security received a report of an accident at Landings Way North and Bartram Road. The caller stated that a vehicle had struck a sign and then left the scene. Security located the vehicle behind the Main Gate and made contact with the driver who had been on her way to pick up her husband from another resident’s home. The driver stated she did not remember hitting anything but acknowledged that she has difficulty driving at night. There was some minor damage to the front of the vehicle, and officers confirmed that the Stop sign at Landings Way North and Bartram Road had been broken. Security contacted that woman’s husband about the incident and brought him to the scene to drive his wife home.


Security responded to a residence on Cotesworth Place for a report of vandalism on Friday, May 17. The homeowner showed the responding officer two unidentified stains on the front of her home. She stated the stains had appeared sometime within the last week but had no knowledge of how they got there. Due to the location of the stains, it is believed that the stains were caused intentionally. The resident did not wish to file a report with CCPD and stated she would have a contractor pressure wash the home.

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