By Raoul Rushin –
President, TLCo

The Landings Company: Folks have to see it and experience us to buy!

Like most similar communities, particularly those still being sold by the developer, The Landings (Company) offers a Discovery Visit package to allow potential buyers a “test drive” of our community. These visits cost the visitor either $349 for two nights or $475 for three. They also often have airfare, rental car, and other costs associated with their trip, which easily can add up to make the trip’s cost fairly substantial.

Visits normally are scheduled after requesting information, engaging with one of our agents for what can be a few months or a few years, followed by a request to actually visit. Along the way, the agent is learning about the buyer’s interests so that we can tailor activities during the Discovery Visit to their needs.

The visit incorporates a stay in one of our 18 short-term rental homes and includes two bicycles to explore the island. We provide access to golf, dining, workouts, tennis, etc., all with the great cooperation of The Landings Club. We also can offer a boat tour of our island’s waterways or a trolley tour downtown which we contract for independently. This is, of course, all in addition to an island amenity tour and seeing homes of interest with their Landings Company agent.

A critical offering that many buyers find helpful is our Club’s Ambassador Program. The program was revived and improved in 2016 such that members who want to participate are selected and then trained about The Landings’ key attributes and how best to address our visitor’s needs and interests. The primary benefit of the program is the sharing of a resident-member’s perspective over dinner or during an activity of how they Started Living at The Landings. Matches are made based on departure geography, leisure interests, handicaps, etc. This additional perspective, coupled with that of their Landings Company resident agent, proves to be of great value to many of our visitors.

One thing we can be sure of is no one will buy property at The Landings without a visit. Most of our buyers visit several times over a one-to-five-year period leading up to their purchase. Keeping in regular touch with them via our ongoing marketing initiatives and through their agent is an absolute necessity to keep The Landings top of mind.

At the end of April, we had exactly 200 couples/families utilize our Discovery Visits in 2019. We expect a total of about 550 this year. As they say, “It takes a village,” and creating a robust and memorable guest experience is a substantial undertaking, as every visit must be scheduled, coordinated, hosted, bicycles repaired, the homes cleaned, and more. The agent, our short-term rental coordinator, housekeeping team, handyman, Director of First Impressions, Guest Relations Liaison (a shared concierge-like position with the Club), and other Landings Company staff, not to mention The Landings Club’s entire team, as well as the Ambassadors, are committed to the process…and it works!

Just ask yourself…did you or a neighbor come on a Discovery Visit? You’ll get more yeses than nos. Help us find another neighbor; suggest a Discovery Visit to a friend or family member – they won’t be disappointed!

Finding the buyers who visit us requires great marketing as well as your support. We appreciate your choosing to list your home with The Landings Company when you decide to sell and your referrals of friends and family that may be interested in making The Landings their home. Each listing and each sale help us generate the marketing needed to reach our collective goal and one from which we all benefit – enhanced property values.

Let’s help others to Start Living in 2019!

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