Saving Money with Shallow Wells

By Sean Burgess -
Interim Public Works Director

Have you been searching for a way to lower your water bill? Search no more, because a shallow well for irrigation could be the answer to big savings! Why pay to use drinking water on your landscape when you can pump your own irrigation water from your shallow well?

A shallow well is a hole which has been dug, bored, driven, or drilled into the ground for the purpose of extracting water from aquifers near the ground surface. A well is considered to be shallow if it is less than 50 feet deep.

Based on the type of equipment installed, the average residential cost for a shallow well is approximately $2,500. Once installed, the return on investment can vary based on the amount of usage. However, all reductions to the Floridan Aquifer (the main source of water for most residential and commercial water users on Skidaway Island) are beneficial.

The table below demonstrates the return on investment by the number of gallons used and includes the timeframe for recovery in months. The average household on Skidaway Island uses half of its monthly pumped water for irrigation purposes. Therefore, we have used an assumption that those who install a shallow well would reduce their total water usage by 50 percent (50%). Monthly savings range from $13.38 to $244.45 based on the number of gallons pumped. It’s safe to say that the more water you pump, the quicker you will see the return on your investment.












Currently, more than 2,000 Landings residents use shallow wells for irrigation, and The Landings Association has 27 monitoring wells located throughout the community. Most Association-owned shallow wells are used for monitoring purposes to sample groundwater qualities as it relates to saltwater intrusion and static water levels, while four of the Association’s shallow wells are used for irrigation purposes and are located at the Athletic Field/Playground, Dog Park Practice Field, Tidewater Square, and Delegal Marina’s Sunset Pavilion.

If you find yourself using 25,000 or more gallons of water per month and believe you have access to good quality shallow well water, contact a professional to evaluate your property for a viable location.

Two shallow well contractors are listed below for reference:

McClain Shallow Wells
8522 Ferguson Avenue
Savannah, GA 31406

Breland Well Drilling
101 Sunrise Drive
Guyton, GA 31312

Remember, not only will the installation of a shallow well save you money in the long run, it will help facilitate the strategic goals and objectives of Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD), Utilities, Inc., and The Landings Association.

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