Fun Fact Friday

It’s not uncommon to see manatees at our Marinas during the summer months, and you might even see one with a strange looking object floating from its tail. These are floating tags that help scientists study manatee behavior. They capture GPS data to record the migration pattern of manatees, as well as water temperature and diving depth and frequency. To help scientists and wildlife officials better understand the life history of manatees, it is important that these tags are not removed. Should you see a manatee at either of the marinas, please remember that they are wild animals and you should not attempt to feed (nor give water from the hose) or touch them. If you think that a manatee is in distress, please alert a Marinas staff member, or after hours, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Wildlife Conservation Section (800-241-4113). Photos courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.








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