Estate and Garage Sale Rule Reminder

Courtesy of Landings Security

As the weather heats up and residents begin contemplating spring cleaning and possibly holding garage sales, please keep the following rule in mind: “Garage sales, moving sales, auctions, and estate sales are discouraged. If a sale is held, residents and/or companies holding the sale must meet the following minimum guidelines:

“The Landings Association (TLA) must be advised and approve the sale in writing at least seven calendar days prior to the event, and signs are prohibited. Non-resident, prospective customers will be admitted only with prior pre-authorization by the sponsoring resident, and the sale shall not exceed four hours on any day. Parking is restricted to one side of the street on secondary streets, and shall at no time hinder normal traffic flow. Driveways, paths, mailboxes, and fire hydrants shall not be blocked. At least one uniformed Police Officer or TLA Security staff member shall be hired by the resident or company conducting the sale to assist with parking, pedestrian control, and complaints. The sponsoring resident must complete a Garage/Estate Sale form.”

This form can be found on The Landings Association’s website (

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