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Turf Field Day - Strategic Water Committee

As part of one of the Strategic Water Committee’s goals for 2019, Turf Field Day has been scheduled for June 11, 2019 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Landings Harbor Park. This event was previously scheduled for last year; however, the threat of Hurricane Michael resulted in the cancellation of the event. The event will focus on water conservation in the form of irrigation best practices, turf management, shallow wells and increased education on the State’s water restrictions. A save-the-date was sent via e-bulletin last week and subsequent communications will be sent out providing the community with additional details about the event as they become available.    

2019 Road Repair and Replacement Project

As of Friday, May 3, Bennett Paving has completed the following roads within this year’s project scope: Ribault Lane, Deveaux Lane, Turtle Lane, Schroeder Court, Twiggs Lane, Mackay Lane, Kertrel Lane and Grebe Lane. Next week, the contractor will progress to Thibault Lane and Middleton Road.

2019 Center Island Pine Straw Application

Mario’s Pinestraw (contracted through BrightView Landscapes) has completed the installation of pine straw on the primary and secondary center islands located in the Plantation and Oakridge phases of the community. The contractor is currently working in Tidewater and the Marshwood areas of the community.  

Landings Way North/Main Gate Loop Road Repairs

On Friday, April 26, Bennett Paving successfully completed the 200 Linear Feet of asphalt repairs located behind the Main Gate on the Landings Way North Loop. The area was reopened for community access around 11:30 a.m.

2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

The Building and Grounds Department has two crews working to repair and/or replace mailboxes, posts and yard plaques in preparation of the contractual work that is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 6. To date, in-house staff has completed all repairs associated with the sign painting program along Westcross Road and its side streets up to the Westcross Bridge. One crew is currently working along the right side of Tidewater Way/Brandenberry Road and the other crew is working on Black Hawk Trail and its side streets.

BrightView Landscapes Annual Contractual Work

As part of the annual landscape contract with BrightView, sections of sod were replaced at the gatehouses and TLA Administration Building this week. The areas that required replacement had deteriorated which subsequently resulted in poor appearance due to excessive shade, insect damage and/or fungus damage. During this process, BrightView crews also improved some of the bedlines to strengthen the success of the sod.

BrightView installed the new annual flowers at all entry gates, marinas, and the TLA Administration Building this week. The existing plantings were replaced with pentas, petunias, sunpatiens, begonia, caladium and coleus varieties. To minimize deer damage and reduce grazing, the new flowers will be netted. All of the work completed this week is included within our BrightView landscape contract.

Oyster Reef Road Repair

Late Sunday afternoon, staff was notified about a pothole that formed on Oyster Reef Road. The pothole formed over a storm drain pipe due to a pipe seam failure in this specific area. On Monday, in-house staff excavated and repaired the pipe and patched the road with asphalt from Bennett Paving.











Main Gate Exit Lane Plantings

Our three-year contract with BrightView Landscapes included an enhancement credit to be utilized for additional plantings, trees and sod in areas that required additional services above and beyond that which was included in the annual contract. One of the areas that the enhancement credit will be used this year is along the right side of the Main Gate exit lane.  This area has deteriorated over the years due to continual damage from the inability of golf cart traffic to remain on the community path. BrightView crews called in utility locates which have proved to be more difficult than anticipated as there are some electrical lines located in this area. BrightView crews are in the process of hand digging in these areas to determine how far down these lines are located within the soil. Staff will continue to keep the Board apprised of the project’s progress.


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