On the Security Scene






Disturbing the Peace/Trespassing

Security and CCPD responded to Delegal Marina on Sunday, April 28 after a member called the Main ACF to report a noise disturbance. Upon arrival, Security found approximately 15 young people hanging out in the screened porch on the docks. Once they heard CCPD was in route, the youths ran from the area. They appeared to have been playing “beer pong” and left the area in disarray, but there were no visible damages. When CCPD arrived on scene, officers began checking boats and found one juvenile (age 17) hiding on a boat. He was arrested and charged with trespassing and underage drinking. The boat owner was advised of the incident and did not report any damage to his boat.


Security responded to a residence on Moonbill Lane for a report of trespassing on Tuesday, April 30. Upon arrival, the caretaker advised that the owner’s son, who is banned from the residence, had shown up unannounced after gaining access by walking into the community. He demanded to know where his mother was moving and stated he would not leave until he was given the address. Officers finally got the man out of the house and escorted him to Publix where a friend was waiting for him. CCPD was notified of the incident and responded.  The trespassing son, however, had departed the area prior to their arrival.

Gas Leak

On Tuesday, April 30, Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to a residence on Turtle Lane for a report of a gas leak. Upon arrival, the homeowner stated that he was working on his back deck and accidentally pulled the gas line to his grill. CES confirmed that it was a gas line and notified Atlanta Gas to repair the line.

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