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Landings Way South Seam Repairs

On Tuesday, Concrete Products and Construction Specialties began the application of a crack sealant to 20,800 linear feet on Landings Way South along the Southbound Lane from Peregrine Crossing to the Main Gate traffic circle and the Northbound Lane from the Main Gate traffic circle to Huntingwood Retreat. Barring any significant complications, the contractor was scheduled to complete the repairs by Thursday. As a reminder, this work was completed to stop further separation and water intrusion within the roadway (which was starting to compromise the sub-base).

2019 Community Path Project

On May 6, Absolute Concrete is scheduled to begin the replacement of asphalt community paths in the Deer Creek phase of the community (within this year’s project scope), starting with the path located at the Deer Creek/Village Gate.

Strategic Water Committee Progress

Over the last several years, staff, in conjunction with the Strategic Water Committee and Utilities, Inc,. have completed extensive research related to the possibility of installing a Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) for Skidaway Island. At the April 17th SWC meeting, the committee unanimously voted to table further exploration of the WWTF option, as it is not a financially feasible alternative for the community (at this time). Moving forward, the committee will look into other viable options, which include new technologies and continued conservation efforts through education, events, and communications.

2019 Mailbox and Sign Painting Program

In-house staff completed pressure washing and repairing the reflective signage located within this year’s project scope this week. Five Star Painting, the contractor that provided the lowest bid for the project, is scheduled to begin painting the mailbox posts, mailbox numbers, yard plaques, and street signs located in Moon River and Marshview Landing on May 6.

2019 Road Repair and Replacement Project

On Tuesday, Bennett Paving milled Twiggs Lane and Schroeder Court. Barring any weather delays, the contractor is scheduled to pave both roads on Friday, April 26.

2019 Center Island Pine Straw Application

On Wednesday, Mario’s Pinestraw (contracted through BrightView Landscapes) began the installation of pine straw on the primary center islands located along Landings Way North and Landings Way South. The contractor has three crews operating simultaneously throughout the community, spreading approximately 2,000-3,000 bales of pine straw per day. Mario’s Pinestraw anticipates to be completed with the application of pine straw on 313 center islands within two weeks. As a reminder, the funding of this project is through the department’s operational budget.

Landings Way North/Main Gate Loop Road Repairs

On Wednesday, Bennett Paving began the mill and replacement of approximately 200 linear feet of asphalt located behind the Main Gate on the Landings Way North Loop. Core samples were taken of the area in question, which subsequently confirmed our engineer (Thomas & Hutton), staff, and contractors’ assumptions that the cement soil base underneath the roadway had failed. As a result, Bennett Paving continued to move forward with the plan to mill to an eight-inch depth and replace the base with six inches of 19 mm asphalt base, capped with a two-inch wear layer of 9.5 mm asphalt Superpave. Barring any complications, the contractor is scheduled to be completed with the repairs on Friday, and the area will be reopened to the community. Communications, along with a detour map, were sent via e-bulletin(s) to the community for a week to prepare the residents for the closure.











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