On the Security Scene







Security and CCPD responded to the exit lane at the Main ACF for a two-vehicle accident without injuries between a resident and a vendor on Tuesday, April 16. The resident was exiting the island in the lane closest to the Main ACF when the vendor merged into her lane causing damages to both vehicles. The resident’s vehicle had damages to the front and rear doors on the passenger side along with the removal of the rear quarter panel. The vendor’s vehicle sustained damages to the front bumper and headlight on the driver’s side. CCPD did not issue any citations.


On Friday, April 12, a resident notified the Main ACF that his garden push cart had been stolen from his front yard. He stated the cart was outside at 9 p.m., but when he took his dogs out at 12:30 a.m., the cart was missing. The resident had used the cart to move his bulk trash items curbside for pick up the following day. Additionally, his neighbor had a wheelbarrow stolen from his yard the same evening. The wheelbarrow also was used to move bulk trash items curbside. Both items were large enough that it would have been difficult for one person to manage so it is believed that two people are responsible. Neither resident had any ideas as to who would have taken the items but stated that Chatham County Public Works crews typically know that such items are not for pick up. Extra patrols will be performed in the area.


Security responded to Delegal Marina on Saturday, April 13, for a report of vandalism. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a marina member who stated she noticed eight teenagers in the screened porch on the dock at approximately 11:15 p.m. the previous evening. Marina staff found the screened porched littered with cigarette buds, beer cans, and doggy treats on Saturday morning. Additionally, the faucet handle in the dock’s restroom had been broken. Public Works was notified to repair the sink, and extra patrols will be performed in the area.


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