A Great Sighting at The Landings Sparrow Field

By Rebecca Hall
Courtesy of Birding Hotline

On April 13, Landings Resident Fitz Clarke made one of his near-daily excursions to The Landings Sparrow Field. There, he found fellow residents Dawn Cordo, Shirley Brown, and Sue Hamlet (three of the Pollinator Garden Berm volunteer leaders) pointing to a bird sitting on a large nest at the rear of the Field. Fitz was able to capture the photos below and identified the bird as a Great Horned Owl fledgling. The nest at the Sparrow Field reportedly has been a productive and entertaining one for many years. Rich Wolfert reports hearing a Great Horned Owl calling in that part of the Sparrow Field this past February. Great shots, Fitz! Thank you for sharing them with us!

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   Photos By Fitz Clarke

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