On the Security Scene

While patrolling the Franklin Creek area on Friday, April 5, a Security officer was approached by two residents regarding a missing bicycle. The couple stated their daughter’s bicycle was missing from the bike rack at The Deck. The officer resumed patrolling the area but did not locate the missing bicycle. Additionally, staff reviewed the Avigilon video footage of TLA’s Athletic Fields without any luck. The residents did not want to notify CCPD. Staff later learned that the bicycle had been located the following day in The Village.

Vehicle Accident        
Security and CCPD responded to the four-way stop at Diamond Causeway and McWhorter Drive for a two-vehicle accident without injuries on Thursday, April 4. The non-resident driver of the first vehicle was turning left onto McWhorter Drive from Diamond Causeway, and the resident driver of the second vehicle was in the outbound lane heading toward The Village when the two vehicles collided. Both vehicles sustained minor damage to the front bumpers. The Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) officer was unable to determine the at-fault driver; therefore, no citations were issued.

Unfounded Fire
Security responded to Benedictine Retreat for a possible structure fire on Monday, April 8. Upon arrival, CES already was on scene. CES personnel determined there was a shortage in the front porch light which caused the light to spark as well as make the interior lights flicker. CES was able to disconnect the front porch light. There were no injuries or damages.

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