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Dredging in Lagoons

Estate Management completed dredging the south end of Lagoon 3 (located on Landings Way North) and the north end of Lagoon 7 (located on Landings Way North near The Landings Company). The contractor currently is working on Lagoon 15A (located off of Bartram Road behind Galphin Lane). The below dredge bags will remain onsite over the next three-to-four weeks to dewater before the material can be hauled off. Once the material is hauled off, the areas wherein the bags existed will be restored. As a reminder, all work completed is included within the Public Works Department’s operational budget.

2019 Community Path Project

Due to the rain we experienced this week, Absolute Concrete is slightly behind schedule. The contractor currently is working from Upland Lane to Skysail Circle. Thereafter, they will continue towards Delegal Circle.   

Building and Grounds Maintenance

All maintenance work associated with pressure washing, painting, and applying golf leafing to the schooners on the monument signs within the community were completed this week.

This week staff pressure washed the playground equipment and the Recycle Center. In conjunction with the pressure washing, staff also cleaned the solar panels to help improve the overall efficiency of the panels due to the pollen buildup.

Village POA Contracted Work

The Building and Grounds Maintenance staff were contracted by the Village POA (at their expense) to pressure wash, apply golf leafing, and paint the two monument signs located in the Village. This week, staff began pressure washing the signs and will begin painting them thereafter.

Storm Drain Issues

Staff observed some erosion issues with the storm drain pipe located near the pump station across from Wells Fargo in the Village. Southeast Pipe has been contracted to conduct a camera survey of the pipe and clean it out to determine the most cost effective and efficient measures to repair the pipe.  Once a recommendation has been made, staff will inform the Board of same.

Environmental Tree Maintenance

The tree crew is in the process of uplifting and pruning the palm trees located around TLA-owned facilities and courtyards. To date, crews have completed the tree maintenance along Landings Way North and currently are working at Delegal Marina. Thereafter, they will progress to the courtyards located on Landings Way South and Bartram Road.   

Construction Maintenance

The bank along Lagoon 82 (located on Yam Gandy Road) experienced significant erosion due to a number of high tides. To prevent further erosion to this area, in-house staff installed riprap along the lagoon bank to stabilize it.

Main Access Control Facility HVAC Unit Replacement

On Tuesday, our HVAC service provider, Climatech, completed the removal and replacement of the HVAC unit at the Main Access Control Facility (Main Gate). The Main Gate is our most utilized facility as it stays in operation 24 hours a day/365 days of the year. The unit has a useful life of 12 years and was last replaced in 2007. The newly installed unit is a 16 seer, two-stage Bryant unit and was funded through the Capital Asset Management Plan (approved at March’s Board, Finance, and Public Works Committee meetings).

Mailbox and Sign Painting Program Prep

In preparation for this year’s mailbox and sign painting program (wherein 1/3 of the community is addressed each year), staff began the repairs and/or replacements to the mailboxes, posts, yard plaques, and reflective signage in Moon River this week. Once the repairs/replacements have been completed in Moon River, crews will progress to Marshview Landing. 





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