Theft on Mad Turkey Crossing

Courtesy of Landings Security

Security and Chatham County Police Department officers (CCPD) responded to a residence on Mad Turkey Crossing to investigate a theft on Wednesday, March 27.

While off-island, the homeowners received a call from their mail carrier informing them that he had left two packages on their porch while they were off-island. When they returned home a short time later, the packages were missing. Upon reviewing the footage from their video system located on their porch, they saw an unknown woman driving what appeared to be an older model, dark-colored Honda Accord. The driver stopped in front of their house and removed the two packages. The packages contained a crockpot and a space heater, which are valued at approximately $300.

CCPD is investigating and provided the photos below in an attempt to identify the suspect. If you have information regarding this incident, please call CCPD (652-6920).







 Pictured (left) is the Person of Interest wanted for questioning by CCPD. A more detailed photo of the car she was driving is shown in the next photo.







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