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Dredging in Lagoons

Estate Management began dredging the south end of Lagoon 3 this week. Next, their crews will progress to the north end of Lagoon 7 and Lagoon 15A. All work completed is included within the Public Works Department’s operational budget.

2019 Community Path Project

To date, Absolute Concrete has completed the demolition and concrete path installation from the Plantation Club to Pelham Road.  This week, the contractor completed the demolition and concrete installation from Pelham Road to Upland Lane. Next week, the demolition and concrete installation will continue from Upland Lane south towards Delegal Circle.

Building and Grounds Department Maintenance

All maintenance work associated with the Marshwood, Marshview, and Oakridge gates recently was completed. In-house staff also completed pressure washing, painting, and applying gold leafing to the schooners on the monument signs located at the Deer Creek, Marshwood, and Main gates. Staff is currently working in and around the Moon River gatehouse.


Wildlife Presentation – Skidaway Audubon

On Thursday (March 28), Interim Public Works Director Sean Burgess was the guest speaker at the Friends of Audubon meeting held at The Messiah Lutheran Church. The focus of the meeting was wildlife wherein Sean provided an overview of wildlife management on the island, along with the variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles that frequent Skidaway Island.

Community Path Panel Replacements

Earlier this month, in-house staff completed an evaluation of Association-owned community paths. The inspection resulted in a list of 58 concrete panel repairs. To date, 12 panels have been replaced along Landings Way South. Public Works staff will continue to address the remaining panel replacements contingent upon available operational funds.

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