President's Update 3-27-19

By LeeAnn Williams
President, The Landings Association

Onward and Upward

Greetings Neighbors,

On March 19, 72% of us voted on the issue of incorporation of Skidaway Island. There were two clear messages resulting from the incorporation vote: (i) the majority of residents do not want to incorporate; and (ii) there is some level of mistrust of The Landings Association.

These past several months have been far more tumultuous than any other time during my 22 plus years on island.

First and foremost, I hope we now heal. It is time to move forward and not carry anger. We are neighbors. We live on this incredible island that we all love, and it is that emotion that led to the passion of the last several months.

Although the majority of residents voted against incorporation, a significant number of residents raised concerns with regard to the future of our island, including control of financial and zoning issues. Since local control is no longer an option, how do the residents of Skidaway Island have a voice in the process? Our County Commissioner, Pat Farrell, is one vote out of nine.

As stated in the Savannah Morning News March 21st editorial, the incorporation “vote should be beginning, not end of residents’ civic engagement.” Residents individually must get involved in the County political process. Both the County Commission and the Metropolitan Planning Commission (in charge of zoning and planning matters in Chatham County) conduct business in public. Attend the meetings, raise concerns, reach out to Pat … these are your options and rights as residents of Chatham County.

I am devoted to addressing the mistrust of The Landings Association and its Board. I have been on the Board for one year and three months. I have served on numerous boards in Savannah, and it is my opinion that the Association staff and the Board are composed of incredibly qualified, diligent, and ethical human beings who are passionate about The Landings. We are committed to moving forward and changing the perception.

We need to hear from you as residents. TLA will be sending out surveys and forming focus groups. Please get involved. We need your input, and we also need you to understand our processes. And once you understand them, if you want them changed, become an advocate for that change.

There will be … there must be … change. We cannot prosper as a community with this undercurrent of animosity. As Winston Churchill said, “[a] pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Let’s all choose to be optimistic.

My best,

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