Home Renovation Tips

Courtesy of Landings Community Development Department
When discussing home improvements, most people find the task daunting. Sometimes what stops people from taking the leap lies in the overwhelming details. A home improvement or renovation project should be viewed as an opportunity, not only to make your home more functional and pleasing to you, but also to add value. Home renovation projects require careful thought and strategic planning to make them successful, to help reduce budget-busting mistakes, and to make the project a more manageable overall experience. Plan Ahead/Have a Goal While planning may seem simple to most, it is the root cause for many renovation woes. Almost every project encounters a few setbacks and surprises. With a solid plan, you’ll be able to shrug off these issues and keep the goal in sight, especially when surprises or delays are accounted for in your timeline. Start with a simple wish list for your renovation. Your list can range from multiple renovation ideas or contain a more specific theme. Either way, it will help you or your team of design and construction professionals better prioritize your goals. Accurately Assess Your Home Always begin with the goal of improved livability and increased property value. Take time to analyze which improvements would add the most value to your home. Some homeowners will take this a step further by gaining a real estate agent’s opinion on what a buyer might expect of a home in the current market. Use Professionals You can start by contacting The Landings Association’s Community Development Department (912-598-5518), as we are here to assist you along the way. However, we cannot replace the professional guidance offered by project-specific professionals. Professional contractors can help you plan your budget and illustrate the long-term benefits, as well as potential short-term financial incentives that are available to lower your total investment. Most reputable professionals can be found through simple searches under the Better Business Bureau and your state licensing bureau. On The Landings Association’s website, you can view vendor surveys assembled from resident feedback on some local professionals. To view the book, visit the Association’s website (www.landings.org). You must be logged in with your username and password, then click Resources > Restricted Resources > Vendor Book. Because the book is regularly updated as information continues to come in, the book doesn’t contain a table of contents. However, you easily can search the PDF document by clicking “Ctrl F” on a PC or “Comm F” on a Mac. This function opens a search box, and you can type in the type of service you are looking for (e.g., roofing, painting, electrical, interior design, etc.). Always remember to confirm that your hired professionals have acquired the proper permits prior to beginning work on your project. TLA Permits and Rapid Renovation Fees If you are planning a multifaceted renovation effort, explore whether the Rapid Renovation permit is right for your project. If your project includes a large addition or pool, consider adding an exterior paint color change and a landscape renovation, which could drastically reduce the review fee to a flat $100. This could put more than $1,000 back in the budget or in your bank account. For more information about this program, visit landings.org/rapid-renovation-application.

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