Volunteer Group of the Year: A Correction

By Mal Welch
Chair, Sustainable Skidaway

Almost one year to the date after achieving certification of The Landings as a sustainable community, the volunteers, staff, and talented professionals from the State Park and UGA Marex who worked toward that goal were recognized as the 2018 Volunteer Group of the Year at The Landings Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting. The Sustainable Skidaway team worked for five years to cross the certification finish line, and we are grateful for the recognition.

There was an error in the printed version of the March edition of The Landings Journal where Skidaway Audubon was named the award recipient. The confusion stems from Sustainable Skidaway’s launch out of Skidaway Audubon in 2013. We continue to receive support from the not-for-profit as one of many worthy projects launched by this 21-year-old organization dedicated to stewardship on our island.

However, here is the more important correction. Heading up Skidaway Audubon is Chair Carolyn McInerney. You may know her as The Landings Club’s staff does, as “the turtle lady”…founder of the Terrapin Rescue Project. Maybe you were one of the 500 residents who came to Sunset Park this past summer for a turtle release event. You may know her as a Landings Company realtor. There, she has inspired her fellow TLCo agents to recognize that the mission of Skidaway Audubon is “to conserve and enhance our island’s resources”, which supports home sales. Agents, in turn, support the annual Skidaway Audubon golf tournament. Or maybe you were among the several hundred who came to Georgia Southern University’s raptor demonstration in January, the first-ever event for Friends of Skidaway Audubon, another signature initiative Carolyn initiated. Her leadership continues to amplify the work of so many others, and she is looking to attract the next generation of volunteers and to build projects off your ideas. Please send her an email (Carol9133@aol.com).

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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