First Responders Update

By Kelly Gordon -
President, First Responders

Writers block is a term I’ve heard about my entire life. Honestly, I never really could relate to it because as most of my family and friends know, I don’t usually run out of words.

I think I’m experiencing writers block this month because I want desperately to avoid redundancy in these articles.

I’ve written ad nauseam about the yellow medical cards. Silver lining, the community FINALLY is going by The Landings Association and getting them. I’m not sure how many times I’ve mentioned yielding to the green lights when we are trying to get to a medical emergency; but it’s been discussed multiple times in this publication.

This leads me to my “writers block” breakthrough. In the very near future, the Skidaway Island First Responders will be adding white lights to their vehicles. We’ve learned from experience that the green lights are harder to see during the daylight hours.

Some of us who are firefighters have red lights with sirens. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with those vehicles being identified. Our goal is to drive with due regard while simultaneously getting to the call quickly. The new white lights will make that easier. If you see a car with flashers on, displaying green and/or white lights, please try to yield to us.

On a more personal note, I’ve had to call SIFR twice in a month. My husband hasn’t been well. It was quite difficult to take off my First Responder hat and be the family member. As I’ve learned in the past when needing them for my parents, it is imperative not only to have the yellow card completed with UPDATED information, but also to make sure you prepare yourself when going to the ER with your loved one.

Make sure you have a sweater or jacket, a cell phone with a charger, YOUR daily medication, a pillow and blanket in your car, something to read while waiting, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. It’s easy to take yourself out of the equation when you’re focused on an ill loved one. I get it! What I have learned over the past month is that if I don’t take care of me, I certainly can’t take care of my husband.

If you are ever in a situation where you think you should call the SIFR, go with your instincts and call us. We literally are around the corner from you. Thank you for allowing us into your lives and for always being so appreciative of our efforts. The positive feedback we receive makes it all worth it.

I personally thank my team for being there for ME when I needed to dial 912-355-6688. The support we’ve received just proves once again, we are one big family. On February 23, we welcomed five new graduates of our 2019 class. I can guarantee that they will be wonderful additions to our group.

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