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By Raoul Rushin -
President, TLCo

The Landings Company: How do we improve upon 2018’s outstanding results?

As previously mentioned, our marketing firm, the Wyse Agency, has a goal of achieving 750 annual Discovery Visit submissions from our website, or 63 per month. In January, they set a new record with 73 submissions, and subsequent bookings for spring are filling our calendar very quickly!

With this increased activity and even after 2018’s success, we know we can do more. One thing 2018’s financial performance afforded us was the ability to search for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to boost further our team’s engagement with the expected 3,000+ inquiries we will receive this year, drive Discovery Visits and ultimately sales.

We investigated several real estate brokeragecentric systems, but they all had a myopic focus given they are designed for selling houses, not a community. These systems promoted churning through leads in the hopes that they will buy in a very short timeframe, otherwise moving on to “hotter” leads. This methodology doesn’t work for us.

We work to sell our listed homes very quickly as well, but our model in The Landings is much different than general home sales. I’m sure that most of you can identify with the fact that, like you, most of our buyers choose The Landings because of what we offer as a community, not just that we have houses. Most of you who came from outside the Savannah area likely spent one-to-five years making your own life-changing decision. Sure, we have made sales to many folks on their first visit, or in less than a year, and are happy to do so. However, that is far from the norm.

It’s for this reason, the long cycle of our customers’ decision process and timeframe to actually make a move, that we chose the preeminent system of its kind – Salesforce ( This $100k investment will create our own proprietary form of Salesforce which is cost effective and has a sensible term for return on investment. Our system is being built as I write this article and should be available for our team’s use by the end of the first quarter.

At a macro level, what is the benefit to Salesforce for us?

  • It is cloud-based and can be accessed by any Company team member, on any device, anywhere. Response time is important to our clientele, and this makes us even better.
  • It enhances each agent’s and staff member’s productivity by allowing for faster, more efficient communication with and tracking of the thousands of interested parties that inquire each year, many more that we have in our database, and the hundreds of Discovery Visitors we host each year and continue to work with during the long sales cycle involved.
  • Most importantly, it’s a marketing hub that allows us to efficiently communicate with our customers in their chosen “language”, including email, text, phone, or mail, and is much more specific to their personal interests. This means a golfer will receive more golf-related content, while a boater or someone more interested in our island’s nature and sustainability will receive communication aligned with those interests and so on, particularly as it relates to email marketing content.
  • Salesforce is one of the many ways to help us do more!

   We sincerely appreciate your support in making last year such a great year by choosing to list your home, buy your home, and refer your friends and family to the Company.

   Help us make 2019 even greater! Keep in mind that with each sale, we increase the marketing dollars we can spend to raise the recognition of The Landings and thus enhance our property values and, with each subsequent Club join created, The Landings Club’s present and future are advanced.

   Let’s help others to Start Living in 2019!






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